Cultural Programme

We are proud to present our cultural program for the PCE2022. There are tours and city-walks for every taste and price.

All tours and walks starts right after the closing session of PCE2022. Your will meet with the tour host at the Scandic Hotel or outside, and start the tour from there. All tours include a dedicated tour guide and transport to the beginning of the tour.

The torus and walks can be order through the PCE2022 registration.


Louisiana Museum of Modern Art


The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is a leading international art museum and a top attraction in Denmark. Art, nature and architecture combine in a total experience that attracts guests from all over the world year-round.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is located in Humlebæk, North Sealand, in a beautiful old park offering magnificent panoramic views of the Sound. The museum buildings lend themselves beautifully to the park, which is landscaped with open lawns, shady woods, a view terrace and a gorge down to the beach. The park provides a magnificent setting for Louisiana’s large sculpture collection.

The tour will begin with a guided tour and introduction to the museum. After, you can spend time on your own, see more of the exhibition, eat lunch in the café with Nordic classics on the meny or enjoy the park and the nature surrounding the museum. The guided tour will have at duration of approximately one hour.

Price: 50 EUR


Roskilde – Capital of the Vikings


History, culture and beautiful nature are in generous supply a short 25 minutes by train from Copenhagen Central Station in the old Capital of Denmark, Roskilde.

The history of Roskilde and the surrounding areas dates back to the Viking and middle ages. This trip takes you on a guided tour to the royal tombs in Roskilde Cathedral, an impressive architectural gem that has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A 10 minutes walk along the Fjord of Roskilde will then get you to the Viking Ship Museum, with its living historical workshops. Guided tour at this Museum is included.

If you want to spend more time on your own, the RAGNAROCK museum offers interactive exhibitions on rock and pop music and youth culture.

Price: 50 EUR - Cancelled, please choose another tour


In the Footsteps of Søren Kierkegaard


Søren Kierkegaard was a Danish philosopher living in Copenhagen in the 19th century. Kierkegaard has been important for developing of the existential thinking and even some of Rogers & Freud’s ideas have roots in Kierkegaard's thinking. Kierkegaard lived his life in Copenhagen, and Copenhagen is written between the lines of his works. The trip starts at his birth home, and come around seduction, philosophy, residence, literary rivals, life and death. The guide is a Kierkegaard scholar who will bring Kierkegaards philosophy alive and connect it with the theme of the PCE2022 conference: How Can I be of Help?

But all true helping begins with a humbling. The helper must first humble himself under the person he wants to help and thereby understand that to help is not to dominate but to serve, that to help is not to be the most dominating but the most patient, that to help is a willingness for the time being to put up with being in the wrong and not understanding what the other understands. (Søren Kierkegaard, 1859)

Price: 25 EUR


Freetown Christania


Christiania is a former military base that was abandoned for many years before becoming the neighbourhood we know today. In 1971, a group of hippies broke down the barricades and began squatting there. Nowadays, approximately 900 people live in the area, comprising a community that has its own rules and regulations completely independent of the Danish government. During its relatively short history, Freetown Christiania has faced a certain amount of turmoil. This is mainly due to the cannabis trade taking place in its famous “Green Light District.”

Guided tours of Christiania are not pre-scripted. The guided tour are led by a Christianit and will give an authentic and personal insight into Christiania's structure and history. Everyone is given a short factual historic summary, but after that guests receive an individual version of the Christiania story based upon the guides own experience. It makes each tour a unique event. The tour normally begin with half an hour introduction, followed by a walking tour around the area. Tours can vary in sequence and sometimes the introduction is given during the tour.

Price: 25 EUR



Copenhagen and the LGBTI+-society


The LGBTI+-society is an important part of Copenhagen’s history and vice versa. Reporter and author, Bjarne Henrik Lundis, will guide you through history and historical sites. He has written several books about the LGBTI+-society and homosexuals’ rights.

The guided tours take you to Copenhagen City Court, Knabostræde, where The National League for Gays used to be, and Ørstedsparken.

Price: 25 EUR -  Cancelled, please choose another tour



The Queens Copenhagen


A city walk in the Queens Copenhagen. Discover how Copenhagen transcended its medieval past to become a great power. Our walk starts at Kongens Nytorv, the King’s New Square and ends at Amalienborg, home of the Danish royal family. Along the way, you’ll hear stories of the triumphs and disasters that have enriched the city. You will hear some of the dramatic tales that helped shape Copenhagen, including the catastrophic fire of 1795, the deadly bombardment of 1807, and the secret tunnel built to rescue a king. Copenhagen’s history is one of constant threat of attack by rivals.

Price: 25 EUR - Cancelled, please choose another tour