Main conference

Below are listed all the types of events during the main conference in person. Click here for an overview of the conference program.


Community Encounter Group Space

MONDAY 4 JULY 2022 10:00-12:30 at GLOBALHAGEN

The main conference will start of with a community encounter group space. This is in the best person centered tradition and gives all delegates a chance to meet in one big community encounter group. This group will take place at the pre-conference venue at GlobalHagen in the morning.

This community space is a really good way to start the conference, and to get the first encounters with other delegates from all around the world. After so long time being apart due to COVID it will be a thrill  being together. This space might even open up the first reflections or emotions in relation to the conference theme: HOW CAN I BE OF HELP? So give your self a treat and start the PCE2022 with the community encounter group space!


Opening Session

MONDAY 4 JULY 2022 - 14:30-18:00 at SCANDIC COPENHAGEN

The official opening of PCE022 takes place at main venue in the afternoon.

We will be blessed with the representative from the PCE2021 conference in New Zealand who will offer a ceremonial transition from PCE2021 to PCE2022 which was set in motion in Auckland at the closing of PCE2021.

The hosts of PCE2022 from World Association for Person-Centered and Experiential psychotherapy and Counseling and the Danish Association for Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy will warmly bid you welcome. Invited special guests will honour us with their presence and help us open the conference.

Two world renowned scholars Robert Elliott, Ph.D and Dan Zahavi, Ph.D will give opening lectures, that will be a stimulating and deepening start of the conference. Look forward to this! During the opening you will experience art performance that will talk to heart and body also.


Social Gathering

MONDAY 4 JULY 2022 -18:00-20:00

After the opening of PCE2022 you are invited to the social gathering with a standing buffet and drinks. Meet and chat with old and new friends and colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere. The opening talks you have just heard might stimulate a good discussing. It is a time for being together, meeting and exchanging over a glass of wine or non-alcoholic drink. Having delightful foods from the standing buffet. Start settling into the conference and 5 days of exciting talks, workshops, poster etc.

We welcome you all to the social gathering.



TUESDAY 5 JULY - FRIDAY 8 JULY 2022 - 8:45 - 10:00 AM

Each morning of the conference (expect Monday) we have invited a keynote speaker who each will give their perspective on the conference theme: HOW CAN I BE OF HELP? There are speakers from 3 of the main tribes of the person-centered and experiential nations: Susan Stephen (person-centered), Akira Ikemi (focusing) & Leslie Greenberg (Emotion-Focused Therapy). On top of that we have invited Dagmar Nuding to give us her perspective on psychotherapy with children and young persons. You can look forward to a strong team of dedicated speakers who each have taken a new look at HOW CAN I BE OF HELP? that they will share with us.



TUESDAY 5 JULY - THURSDAY 7 JULY 2022 - 10:30 - 11:30 AM

We present 2 parallel semi plenary sessions each morning after the keynote (except Friday).

The topics was found through a delphi panel using the scientific committee as the expert panel. Through answering the question: What are or will be the most important themes/topics that represent the emerging growth edges of the PCE approach in the next 10 years? we found 5 overarching themes and 5 PCE scholars to address them. ¤ themes are to be found in this section the last is addressed in the opening talk by Robert Elliott. The 2 remaining semi plenary talks is by Danish speakers that addresses the conference theme with a Danish and Greenlandic touch with the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, and a perspective from the indigenous people of the Kingdom of Denmark - the Greenlanders.



Parallel Sessions

TUESDAY 5 JULY - THURSDAY 7 JULY 2022 - 13:00 - 14:00 PM + 14.30-16.00 PM

Each of the 3 middle days the afternoon is dedicated to all the sublime presenters who have submitted abstracts to present. There is a broad variety of formats for presentation: Individual papers, panels, discussion groups, experiential workshops & demonstration workshops. The presentations are the heart and blood of the conference where scholars, researchers, partitioners, trainers, students, etc. share they researchers, theoretical developments, practice innovations, ethical dilemmas, philosophical thoughts and personal perspective. Inspired by the conference theme presenters will offer their take on: HOW CAN I BE OF HELP? A seemingly simple question with a lot of implications and fundamental issues build into it. You will experience the full range of the PCE nations in the parallel session presentations: Person-centered, focusing, EFT, pre-therapy, motivational interviewing, person centered arts therapy, experiential therapy, person-centered existentialtherapy,  etc. You will hear about individual, couples, group therapy to name a few. Approaches to different age groups, gender, types of problems, ethnicity etc. There is good time for discussion and dialogue in each session. There will be up to 10 parallel sessions.


Encounter Groups

TUESDAY 5 JULY - THURSDAY 7 JULY 2022 - 13:00 - 14:00 PM + 14.30-16.00 PM

Initiated by Carl Rogers and several colleagues, the encounter group is a long-lasting tradition within the person-centered and experiential approach. It can be made of 10-15 people up to 200. In case of big groups, nowadays we also speak of “community meeting”. It is characterized by the fact that there is no preceding agenda and no designated leader or host. Early on, the big encounter group became a place encouraging cross-cultural and interpersonal communication.

This years encounter group and community group meetings was prepared by the PCE2022 Encounter Group Preparation Committee, who during the last 2 years leading up to the conference has prepared how best to present the encounter groups at PCE2022.  They have formulated this Encounter Group Letter, which states what to expect when entering the encounter group space. Please read this before you decide:  Encounter Group Letter

If you are new to encounter groups or is interested in knowing more, the Encounter Group Preparation Committee have provided:


Poster Sessions

WEDNESDAY 6 JULY 2022 16:00 - 18:00PM

This afternoon is dedicated to our poster session. We would like to honouring the work and research presented by posters, and have no other program this afternoon. You can view all the posters in person and online. At the in person venue we invite you to joy a drink and snacks while mingling and experiencing the exciting poster presentations.

This time and space is also for book launches, announcements and surprises. So stay tuned and don't miss this mix of academic and social program. It is a time to mingle while learning and discussing the posters.


General Assembly (WAPCEPC)

TUESDAY 5 JULY 2022 19:00 - 22:00 (+ WEDNESDAY 6 JULY 2022 19:00-22:00)

The World Association for Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counseling (WAPCEPC) holds General Assembly for members of WAPCEPC.

More info will follow soon  ...


Gala Dinner

THURSDAY 7 JULY 2022 - 17.30 - 24.00

We invite you to a Gala Dinner, where you can meet colleges in a relaxed atmosphere, taste the new Nordic food in a very special place in the historic Copenhagen. Enjoy the cultural program and views of the Copenhagen harbour and channels from the boat on your way to the dinner.

The dinner will be held in attractive surroundings of Langelinie Pavillon – An architectonically unique place, with a long history dating back to 16th century and represents Danish design when it's at is's best, overlooking the harbour of Copenhagen. We can mention wonderful light design of a famous Danish architect Poul Henningsen especially his original Artichoke lamp in copper.


Closing Session

FRIDAY 8 JULY 2022 10:30-12.45

The conference closes with a panel summing up the discussions and learnings through conference. It will be a look at HOW CAN I BE OF HELP? with the experience of the previous conference days in mind. On the panel is Susan Stephen, Leslie Ellis, Dagmar Nuding & Leslie Greenberg. The moderator of he panel is Robert Elliott. The floor is open for a debate and exchange with the community of the conference.

The conference draws toward its end with a thank you to all involved and a last summing up. We will start looking towards the next conference PCE2024. The conference ends in ceremonial way with a moving art performance and a farewell from the conference hosts.


Cultural program

FRIDAY 8 JULY 2022 13.00 - 15.00/16.00/17.00

Right after the main conference closing you can begin a cultural adventure with a diverse cultural program for the PCE2022. There are tours and city-walks for every taste and price: A trip to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and a trip to Roskilde Viking Capital. City walks; In the footsteps of Kierkegaard, Freetown Christania, LGBTI+ Copenhagen and the Queens Copenhagen. Enjoy our guided tours with your PCE friends from the conference.